Step 5: Help Lead a Challenge Group

Hello everyone!! I am sooooo excited! April has been a huge month for me and being a coach! Challenge groups have been keeping me busy…

Through other media outlets, I have got a lot of people that say to me

“Tom.. You keep on taking about challenge groups.. I don’t like the word challenge.. It scares me!”

Well it kind of scared me too at first. If we don’t challenge ourselves, both body and mind, we are just kinda blah.

Why is a challenge group good?

1) It brings people together that have the same purpose and goals.
3) It helps you get through the good and bad days
4) It offers nutrition education, portion control tools, meal plans, etc

I have been doing this since Feb. and I love it. What’s really cool, is that my wife has seen my change and has decided to join in the fun! She will actually be in this group!

So, if you are interested in knowing more about challenge groups, I have a couple starting like NOW! Contact me through here, and I will be glad to discuss more with you.


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